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• CHIHUAHUA AND JAPAN CHIN KENNEL! You can receive an information, get and on advantage to estimate two remarkable tiny breeds of dog — Chihuahua and Japanese Chin in "MASSAR" kennel. The both, two breeds, Chihuahua and Japanese Chin has more, than ancient history with legends and stories. Chihuahua and Japan Chin are two one of the smallest and unpretentious breeds of dog which maintenance is very convenient, as in an urbanistic city, and in countryside. Chihuahua and Japanese Chin are very clever, inventive, very tender to all members of a family. Care of a hairs of Chihuahua is limited to bathing one or two tines in year. Care Japanese Chin's hairs - in periodic combing and bathing in process of pollution. The hairs of Chihuahua very short and skintight to a body, it is not spoilt and does not demand special knowledge in grooming animals. The hairs of Japanese Chins possesses self cleaning properties. The hairs of Japan Chins are very silky and never smells as a dog. Both breeds of dog, and Chihuahua and Japanese Chin, are very well socialised. It can be the big family where both breeds and Chihuahua and Japanese Chin will feel is claimed and is cosy. Also Chihuahua and Japan Chin can be ideal dogs-partners and with pleasure will brighten up leisure of the lonely person, having divided with it all its interests, cares, a housework and a garden. Chihuahua and Japanese Chin very much like to live interests of the person, filling his life and a life with the quivering presence, caress and understanding. In our kennel you can get these puppies of two, really remarkable, breeds of dog — Chihuahua and Japan Chin! Welcome to "MASSAR" kennel to see more photos of Japan Chins and Chihuahua!
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Gallery of Massar's chihuahua Цшер MASSAR ROMANTIC STAR

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Allrussian Dos Shows - "BEREG YAUZI & PLANETA SOBAK" 2011

Allrussian Dos Shows -

Our young Japan Chin went in a first time in Junior class into two shows! Chablis Sent Pierre De Imperium Auri is a 10 month old Japan Chin male. The reults are: two Junior CAC, two BOB Junior! Many thanks to Petja's breeder - Svetlana De Durand, our fiends who has helped us in the shows, the judges for their choice and good taste and "4 legs" photo agency for a nice photo!


N.KASHIRIN - "Well babances dog, ex head, free ex movements. JUN CAC, BOB JUNIOR

E.KARAMZINA - "Ex size and type, ex proportion of body, very lovely head construction, ex eyes and ex face! JUN CAC, BOB JUNIOR

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