Massar's kennel

Hello, I am - Ruslan Massar. I welcome you to our web site. I breed dogs more than 30 years. I bred  Japan Chins and Chihuahuas.

Now I want to present my Pugs. I love Pugs all my life and I thought that someday I will own a Pug. So, now that day has come.

I put all our forces and knowledge in my work.

Our concept and our vision of this remarkable breed is represented on this site. Hope that You will receive satisfaction from what you see and hope that you will positively estimate our work.

All our dogs live in a country house designed and constructed for their convenience and comfort. We never contained and we do not contain many dogs and we do not use wage labor. There are so much dogs, how many can serve them our own hands, exactly so much, that dogs feels themselves  comfortable. For this reason we don't have a million ribbon of puppies for sale. Each puppy is an exclusive, it is a responsible step of the breeder, it is attempt something to improve or fix. We can't brag that we born 100 or 200 or 500 Champions for one year, or that we born  the three-thousandth puppy), but we are proud that our puppies are recognized and have "firm type" our kennel.

We don't pursue  anybody also we don't like to overtake nobody. The course is chosen for a long time still 30 years ago. And here the long road to its realization, it is also one of the most fascinating things!




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